Past Collections Gallery

Explore our legacy of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance through the Past Collections Gallery. Each piece represents a chapter in my journey with God, showcasing the artistry, creativity, and attention to detail that define this company. Browse through the images below to discover the beauty and inspiration behind my previous creations.
  • Chain of Love Necklace

    An intertwining of silver chains, echoing the unbreakable bonds of love found in 1 Corinthians 13, symbolizing unity, strength, and eternal devotion.

  • Living Color Necklace

    Inspired by the wisdom and beauty of Proverbs, this colorful ensemble of multicolor baroque pearls symbolizes divine grace, inner radiance, and timeless elegance.

  • Rose Necklace

    Adorned with pearls and a crystal rose pendant, this bracelet pays homage to the Song of Solomon, radiating grace, beauty, and the eternal fragrance of divine love.

  • Verdant Path Necklace

    Inspired by Psalm 23, this necklace embodies the lush green pastures and peaceful waters, guiding wearers along a verdant path of faith, hope, and divine provision.

  • Tears of Joy Necklace

    Crafted with gold-plated metal and Swarovski crystals, reminiscent of the heavenly sea described in Revelation, each tear symbolizes the promise of joy in eternal waters.

  • Medallion Set

    Inspired by ancient symbols of faith, each patina medallion represents a story of divine grace. Adorned with stones and crystals, this set embodies timeless beauty and spiritual significance.

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